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About Us

Chandler Analytical Laboratories began as a wet chemistry forage analysis lab in 1981.  We have expanded our services over the years, now offering NIR analysis and water quality testing.  We are a privately-owned company located in Chandler, AZ.  We have been certified by the National Forage Testing Association (NFTA) for over 20 years for our wet chemistry services.   We are now NFTA-certified for NIRS. 

As the only NFTA-certified laboratory in Arizona, our mission is to offer high quality service to the western regions of the U.S.  Using a more local laboratory for your testing needs eliminates typical delays in data reporting due to reduced shipping transit time. We offer a quick and efficient turn-around time without sacrificing service.   All results are available in less than 48 hours, but are typically available the next business afternoon upon sample receipt. 

Our goal is not just to meet, but exceed your expectations! 

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