Forage Analysis

We offer a number of analytical services to fulfill your forage testing needs.  Please click on one of the categories listed on the left-hand side of this page to access more information.

There are a variety of packages available to suit your specific needs.  Package and pricing information can be accessed by clicking on the “Lab Brochure”.

It is important to ensure great care is taken while taking either a forage or water sample, our analyses can only be as good as the sample that is received.  For hay sampling information, please refer to the “Sample Collection” page.  Here you will find recommendations for sampling alfalfa hay, provided by the NFTA.  A typical sample size would be a gallon size Ziplog bag, filled halfway.  It is important to take a representative sample, obtained from various sites of the same “lot”.

When sending in a sample, please download, print and include a “Sample Submission Form” located in the resources section of this website.  It is important to include all information on this form, including your contact and payment information, as well as the analyses you require.  Analyses will be delayed if we need to contact you due to missing information.