Forage Testing

Our laboratory has been certified for wet chemistry analyses by the National Forage Testing Association (NFTA) for nearly 20 years and we have consistently received high marks for our proficiency testing.  We have now also received our certification for NIRS analysis.

We are the only NFTA-certified forage analysis laboratory in Arizona.

Unlike many of the larger testing facilities, we grind the entire sample that is submitted, providing a more representative sample for analysis.

We update our NIR calibrations monthly, ensuring seasonal and regional changes are incorporated into our prediction models.

We now offer Heavy Metals and Selenium testing on a wide range of sample types including all typical agricultural products as well as mineral supplements.

To see what forage packages we offer and pricing information, please click on the “Lab Brochure” located in the resources section of this website.  Please download, print and return a “Sample Submission Form” with your samples.

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